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8- Week EFDA Curriculum

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Discover what you will focus on each week during your 8-week program and learn which certification you will achieve and obtain after each week!

​We utilize the Essentials of Dental Assisting, 6th Edition by Debbie S. Robinson, CDA, MS and Doni L. Bird, CDA, RDA, RDH, MA. 

  • Week 1: Focusing on the introduction to Dental Assisting, Anatomy & Physiology and Dental Anatomy with Terminology. Hands-on training with teeth surfaces and number systems.

  • Week 2: Training on Disease Transmission, Infection Control and Biohazard Waste. Also, proper methods on Dental Instrument and Operatory sterilization. Hands-on training in sterilization methods with personal protective equipment. 

    • OSHA and HIPAA Certifications 

  • Week 3: Training in Dental Radiology and the proper methods of Radiology Safety. Hands-on training with a full mouth dental x-ray, patient charting and periodontal charting. 

    • Dental Radiology Certification ​​

  • Week 4: Focused on Chairside Dental Assisting, Patient Care and Anesthesia Methods. Hands-on training with topical anesthesia, chairside assisting, and patient scenarios. 

  • Week 5: Learning about Dental Impressions, Restorative Materials and Procedures. Hands-on training with taking alginate impressions, pouring cement cast, and model trimming, also tray set ups for restoration procedures. 

  • Week 6:  Learning Medical Emergencies, Preventative Dentistry Methods,Coronal Polishing, and Pediatrics. Hands-on training with coronal polishing, placing dental sealants, and tofflemire bands.

  • Week 7: Focus on different dental specialties such as Prosthodontics, Periodontics, and Endodontics. Hands-on training with crown and bridge fabrication, placing dental dams, and creating periodontal dressing. 

  • Week 8: Focused on job search, employment and interviewing skills. Hands-on learning with Dentrix Software and the American Heart Association CPR, First Aid, and AED Training. 
    • CPR & BLS Provider Certification
    • Expanded Functions Dental Assisting Certification

*Each Week Students will be given a test that must be passed with a 75% or better in order to qualify for the next weeks curriculum. 

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