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Always for Extern! *If you have a questions talk with Miss Kennedy!

They are organized by location! Be sure to ask them for their addresses! 

Sage Dental Always:

For Extern  Please Contact Melissa (Director of Operations)  by call or text (386) 402-0975 . She would love to help you get an extern and if she has space hire you as well! Extern days are M-F. Texting is prefered. Serving many areas: Jensen Beach, Wellington, Stuart, Port St. Lucie, Boynton, Boca...etc

West Palm Beach

  1. Premier Dental Care Center, West Palm Beach. Contact: (561) 820-8898​

  2. Polo Dental, Palm Beach, Contact: Dr. Marianna Zadov with resume

  3. West Palm Beach Family Dentistry, Contact: Kyza at (561) 642-8501 or (561) 683-0903

  4.  Dr. Boner, Endo. Contact: Debbie at

  5. Implant Dentisty of South Florida, Dr. Roberts, General. Contact: Toni (561) 585-2006

  6. Dr. Jackie Johns, Endo & General. Contact: Dr. Johns at

  7. Dr. Krasnov, Cross Country Dental. Contact: Veronica at (954) 696-7395

  8. Dr. Brad Santelli, Ortho. Contact: David (239) 580-7951

  9. Palm Beach Orthodontics, Dr. Carrol Ann Fenn. Contact: Dr. Fenn via phone call (561) 686-3335

  10. Florida Dental & Denture Center. General. Contact: Miss Judy at (305) 661-3819​

  11. AC Pedes & Ortho, Dr. Ania Cabrerizo. Contact: Leonel Ravelo at

  12. AP Dental Arts, General. Contact: Dr. Valeriy Tsar

  13. Bellagio Dental Implant Center, Dr. Rose Farrah. Contact: Dr. Farrah via text (561) 335-0659

  14. Riverbridge Dentsitry, General Dr. Sara Habashi. Contact: Emily at

  15. Dr. Richard Ricci, General. Contact: Judy at or  (561) 848-3462

  16. Palm Beach Prosthodontics, Dr. Jario Salcedo. Contact: Cari Arco at (561) 682-0999 or

Vero Beach

  1. Orthodontic Specialist of Florida, Vero Beach. Contact Diane at (772) 562-2439

  2. Vakani Orthodontics, Contact: Lorinda at (772) 287-8415 or

  3. Ferres Dentistry, Dr. Doris Ferres. General Contact: Stacey at 772-567-1011

  4. Sebastian Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Erika King. Contact: Natalie Burnside at

  5. Sebastian- Dr. Alfred Theis, extern on Fridays. Contact: Dr. Theis 321-544-8833

  6. Dr. Nicholas Rendon, Gen. Contact: 772-770-4787 or


  1. Stuart Prosthodontics Dentistry, Contact: Dr. Tyler at

  2. Vakani Orthodontics, Contact: Lorinda at (772) 287-8415 or

  3. Star Dental of Stuart, General. Contact: Paul at (772) 219-7775

  4. Childrens Dentistry of Stuart, Dr. Julie Sugar. Contact: Dr. Kristian Alguire at

  5. Dr. Horan, Multi. Contact: Brooke at (772) 781-0744

  6. Dr. Ira Freedman, Perio. Dent-All of Palm City Contact: Kimberly at

  7. Dent-ALL of Palm City, Dr. Pearlman. Contact: Kimberly at

  8. McClane Dentistry, Multi. Contact: Dr. Vincent McClane at

  9. Fresh Family Dental, General. Contact: Kara at

  10. Dr. Debra Eddington, General. Dr. Eddington at Contact:

  11. Dr. Brent Maxson, General. Contact Penny Maxson 772.215.8582

  12. Dr. Vincent McClane, General. Contact: Maria at 772-285-4718 with a text message

  13. Light of the World Charities, Little Lights Dentistry, Dr. Macdalie St-Preux Contact: Lori Sang email

  14. 772implant, Multi. Contact: Brooke at (772) 4675268 or

  15. Star Dental of Stuart, General. Contact: Paul call or text, 772-219-7775 or email:


  1. Parkland Orthodontact, Dr. Tania Saint Amand, Contact: Karen at or  754-529-8995 

    1. Requirements fo Externship:
      -Willingness to learn
      -Charting of patient information
      -Great communication skills and chair side manners with patients
      -Enjoys a fast-paced patient environment

  2. Marrecau Orthodontics, Dr. Tomas Marrecau, (954) 752-3509, or send resume to

  3. NN Dentistry, Dr. Nadine Nicolas. General. Contact: Dr Nicolas by email at  and/or on her cell (561)789-8844.

Lake Worth

  1. C-Bar Dentistry, They LOVE Externs! Lake Worth. Contact: Celeste at (561) 318-8762

  2. Dr. Dennis Hernandez, Lake Worth. Contact: Lorraine at

  3. Elite Dental, Contact: Lourdes (561) 432-1718

  4. Greenacreas Dental Service, Dr Fiffe. Contact: Dr. Fiffe at

  5. Prestige Dental Care, General. Contact: Dr.Sotolongo"

  6. Dr. Armando Rodriguez, General. contact: Lisa at (561) 642-4900

  7. Mil Lake Dental Center, Multi. Dr. Robert Victome. Contact: Junie at

  8. KidzVil Pediatrics, Dr. Irwine Sainvil. Contact: Dr. Sainvil at

  9. Junior Smiles & Lake Worth Pede Dentistry. Dr. Drew Popper Contact: Tamera with a text at (561) 7584634

  10. Parsons Orthodontics, Contact: Carmen at 561-429-5414 or email:

  11. Dr. Alan Kelman, Multi. Contact: Dr. Kelman with a brief note of intro & objectives, photo.

  12. Dr. Taryn Steyn at Mission Lakes Dental Care. Contact: Dr. Steyn 561-963-7950

  13. Dr. Bender, Little Teeth Big Smiles, Pedes. Contact: call 561-433-5544 and ask for Steve 


  1. Children's Dental Care of Delray. Contact: Call Merri Wymann with text message (954) 478-527​

  2. Signature Dental Group, Dr. Joel Baez. Multi-Specialty . Email Resume to

  3. OMSA Center, Surgery. Dr. Perez-Garcia. Contact: (561) 278-0004

  4. Flora Dental, General. Dr. Flora Bentsi-Enchill. Contact: (561) 266-4499 Text Message

  5. Dr. Kathryn Boehly, General. Contact: Nino at

  6. Dr. Roberto Ramirez, General. Contact: Dr. Ramirez at

  7. Pedes, Dr. Maria Castaneda. Contact: Rossana Phone call (561) 499-1788

  8. Laser & Cosmetic Dentistry, Veronica Silva Contact: at 561-499-6664 with a phone call

  9. Dr. Mark Herman, Endo, Perio & Gen. Contact: DAAPB Alumni Nicole at (561) 4980015

  10. Dr. Richard Staller, Advanced Dentistry South Florida, Contact Kelli Carter email

  11. Delray Family Dentistry, Dr. Richard Harris. Contact: Elizabeth Harris by phone at 561-498-3181 or by e-mail at

  12. Moroco Orthodontics, Dr. jacqueline Moroco. Contact: Adrianne Gee at


  1. Dr. Jason Wetmore, Ocean Breeze Dental. Contact: Katie at (321) 433-1141

  2. Dr. Tom Galinis, Palm City. Contact: Send resume to 

  3. Banana River Dental, General. Contact: (321) 777-6453

  4. Polo Dental/Happy Smiles Dental. Contact: Bryan at

Fort Pierce

1. Vakani Orthodontics, Contact: Lorinda at (772) 287-8415 or

  1. Hands of St Luice, Surgery, Protho & General. Contact: Stephanie at

  2. Lawn Wood Dental, Contact: (772) 595-1888

  3. Dr. John Schwerer, Multi. Contact: Dr. Schwerer at (772) 216-3390 by Text

  4. Ricard Family Dentistry, Contact: Maria at

  5. Dr. Roger Long, Contact: Tim Brooks at 772-464-2943

West Cost Offices

  1. Naples, Ft. Myers, Port Charlotte- Polo Dental/Happy Smiles Dental. Contact: Bryan at

  2. Sebring- Chen Dental, Contact: Kendall or Alba at 863-452-2049

  3. Ft. Myers - Pelican Preserve Dental Care. Contact: 239-201-2712 or

  4. Kenansville - Beattie Family Orthodontics. Contact: Mairym at 407-898-2901

  5. Lake Placid - Sunshine Family Dentistry . Contact: 863-465-2037

  6. Sebring - Smiletastic Family Dentistry. Contact: Sheree 863-658-3276 or

  7.  Port Charlotte - Family Dental of  Port Charlotte. Contact: Office Manager at 941-209-5959 or

  8. Sebring - Smile Design Dentistry. Dr. William  Gibson. Contact: Kara (OM) at

  9. Sebring - Dr. Steven Guelff. Contact: Dr. Guelff at 863-382-2108 or

  10. Arcadia - Dr. krik Snyder DeSoto County Health. Contact: 863-993-4601 Ext: 104

  11. Winter Haven - Winter Haven Oral Surgery. Contact: 863-294-7648

  12. Sebring - Everglades Pediatrics, Dr. Kindell. Contact: 863-382-0340

  13. Bartow - Peak Dental Dr. Camille Little. Contact: 863-533-9421 or

  14. Wachula - Wachula Dental. Contact: Dr. Jerald Williams at 863-773-9344 or

  15. Sebring - Dental Care of Mid Florida. Contact: Misty at 863-382-9090

Palm Beach Gardens

  1. A & B Family Dentistry, Palm Beach Gardens with Dr. Anna Gombar. Contact: Alison Crawford at (561) 694-8380 or

  2. Aspen Dental in Palm Beach Gardens. Contact: Yari at or (561) 7769984​​

  3. Implantology of the Palm Beaches, Palm Beach Gardens. Contact: Susan (561) 691-6061​

  4. Gardens Dental Care, Dr. Yates, Contact: Deana at 561-776-6177 or

  5. Childrens Dentistry, Contact: Vickie at or (561) 768-3791

  6. Everlasting Smiles, Contact: Dr. Ma at or (561) 662-8013

  7. Dr. Andres Vargas, PBGSmiles. General. Call Debbie at 561-775-0373

  8. Seaglass Dental Care, General. Contact Dr. Schmidt at (561) 581-5001

  9. Habashy Dental, multi, Contact: Dr. Habashy at

  10. Dr. Andrew Rudnick, multi. Contact: Cyndi at (561) 625-1991 or email - MUST BE RELIABLE 

  11. Endodontic Specialist of Florida, Dr. Laukhuf. Contact: Alaina at 561-627-9166

  12. Advanced Dental Care, General. Dr. Rosenberg. Contact: Shanna at

  13. Childrens Dentistry of the Palm Beaches, Contact: Vickie at

  14. Dr. Ann Cipriani, General. Contact: Dr. Cipriani at (561) 202-4453

  15. Dr. Gary Laukhuf, Endo & Prosto. Contact: Ask for Alaina 561-758-4069​

  16. Dr. Jack Rosenberg, General. Contact Shanna  561-627-2122

  17. Acosta Dental Arts, General. Contact Adriana Acosta Text 561-254-0507

  18. Dr. Gary Kijanka, General. Contact: Dr. Kijanka at 561-776-3116.

  19. Taylor & Murray Orthodontics, Contact: Dr. Jonathan Murray at

  20. All Smiles Dentistry Dr. David Piroli, Gen. Contact: Lakeba Davis, with a phone call or email: (561) 623-9935 or


  1. Riverbend Dental in Jupiter, Contact: Shannon at

  2. Dale Pediatric Dentistry, Jupiter, Contact: Alexa or Dr. Dale at 561-210-7333

  3. Little Royals Dentistry, Contact: (561) 510-1450

  4. South FL Oral Surgery, Contact: Katrina at

  5. Dr. Gloria Barredo, (Ortho, Surgery, Perio & Gen.) Contact: Heather at

  6. PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY OF JUPITER, Contact: Holly at or (561) 747-3338

  7. Main street Children's Dentistry & Orthodontics. Dr. Michaud & Dr. Marrecau. Contact: Crystal at or (561) 745-2881

  8. Aspen Dental Jupiter, Dr. Tran. Contact: Lizzy at

  9. Attune Dentistry Dr. Andrea Diaz, General. Contact: Zuleima at

  10. Dr. Scott Rosenberg, General . Contact: Debra at

  11. Dr. Sharada Kacham, Smiles General & Cosmetic Dentistry. Contact: Dr. Kacham (561) 844-0715

  12. Modern Dental Smiles, Dr. Kurt Bally. Contact: Rachel at

  13. Harbor Breeze Dental Care, General. Contact: Nicole

  14. Riverwalk Dental Group, Dr. Payal Chokshi. Contact: (772) 2476750 text message to Dr. Chokshi

  15. Dr. Daniel L. Pichler, Multi/General, Contact: Clara Pichler

  16. Pediatric Dentistry of Jupiter, Dr. Alyssa Benitez, Pediatric. Contact: Alicia

  17. Dental Healing Arts, Multi, Dr. Fotek. Contact: Dr. Fotek at 551-779-7058 or

  18. Family Orthodontic in Jupiter, Contact Sylvia 561-744-5456

  19. Dr. Daniel Pichler, Multi. Contact: Clara Pichler at or 772-486-3898

  20. SEDA Dental, Mulit. Contact: OM Alexis at 954-940-1169

  21. Dr. Mark Kuhl (Endo, Ortho, Pedes). Call or Text Pam Kuhl at 561-758-7901 or email at

Pembroke Pines & Hollywood

  1. Dr. Allen, 9548857100 or

  2. Dr. Villa, Surgery, Prostho, Gen. Contact: Martha (754) 234-6300

  3. Dr. Herdocia, Ortho & General. Contact: Jeffrey Soto by calling or texting (312) 964-2585

  4. Rothfield Dental Associates. Contact: Dr. Elizabeth Rothfield (954) 989-8800

  5. Dr. Milton Ruiz, Pines Dental, Ortho, Surg, & Gen. Spanish Required. Contact: Mildred (954) 4326133

  6. Weston Endodontic Care, Dr. Mark Limosani Contact: Dr. Limosani by text message (954) 675-8772

  7. DentalMed Associates, Dr. Juan Arroyo. Contact: Lizette at

  8. Sheridan Dental Center, Dr. Pablo Leon. Contact: Angela via text (954) 682-1788

  9. The Dental Care Group, Contact: 704-254-7080

  10. Gentle Teeth & Braces, Pedes & Ortho. Contact: Sydnee at

  11. My Tooth Tales, Pedes. Dr. Mutawalli with a resume at or on Instagram: @dr.mutawalli 

Ft. Lauderdale

  1. Broward Center for Laser Periodontics and Implants, Contact: Angie or Carmen at (954) 916-7664

  2. Guilco Family Dentistry, Contact: Dr, Guilarte at (954) 771-7007

  3. Journey Kids Dental, Ortho & Pedes. Contact: Wilma Correa with resume

  4. Las Olas Dental Center, General. Dr. Michele Dallas at (954) 525-5055

  5. Dr. Michael Barnard, General. Contact: Freyda at (954) 763-3358

  6. Dentistry by the Sea, General. Contact: Dr. Carmen Maco at

  7. Dr. Brent Bracco, Multi. Contact: Albia Orta at or (954) 771-5300

  8. Dr. Arveen Andalib, Aesthetic Dentistry of Plantation. Contact: Taralynn at

  9. Dr. Miller & Dr. Korn, Perio. Contact: Alex Casson via phone call (954) 791-7530

  10. Dr. Abir Massri, ConfidentSmiles. Gen. Contact: Dr. Massri at 954-530-5674

  11. Sage Dental Davie, Dr. Dustin Haller. Contact: with resume or call  9544342700​

  12. Sonrie Dental Care, General. Contact:     Sandra Gómez-trainor at

  13. Bright Young Smiles, Pedes, Ortho, Gen. Contact: Jessica Carver email your resume to

  14. Dr. Richard Leiderman, Perio. Contact: Carmela (954) 797-6866

  15. Dentistry by the Sea, Dr. Carmen Maco. Contact: Dr. Maco with a text to (305) 775-5014

Coral Springs

  1. Marrecau Orthodontics, Dr. Tomas Marrecau, (954) 752-3509, or send resume to

  2. Main street Coral Springs, Ortho & Pedes. Dr. Roberti. Contact: Jen at (305) 323-6878

  3. Designer Smiles, Dr.  Nilesh Dalal, Surgery & Perio. Contact: Kinnari Dalal at (954) 341-1000

  4. Dr. Craig Lutsman, Pediatrics. Contact: Dr. Craig at

  5. Sawgrass Dental Arts, Multi. Contact: Rita at 954-757-6644

  6. Dr. Dulay, Ortho, Gen, & Surg. Contact: Marisol 954-722-9020

  7. Singer Orthodontics, Dr. Jay Singer. Contact: Julianna at

  8. Dr. William Forero, Multi. Contact: Sandra Forero via text at (305) 321-5023

  9. Dr. Vicky, Pedes. Contact: Tiffani at (954) 255-2787

  10. Gentle Teeth & Braces, Pedes & Ortho. Contact: Sydnee at or 954-997-9779​

  11. Dr. Dalal, Designer Smiles FL, Perio

       Send Resume to hello@dsmilesfl 

  12. Dr. Tiffany Brady at LUV Pediatric Dentistry in Sunrise. Contact: Katiana​.

13. Dr. Joshua Coussa, Ideal Dental of Coral Springs. Perio & Prostho. Contact: Dr. Coussa at

All Dental Care, DR Nancy Menendez, Multi Email


  1. Dr. Tomer Haik, Contact: Beverly at

  2. Master Dental, Endo, Contact: Marci

  3. Dr. Patel, multi-specialty. Contact: Jennie at

  4. Dr. Lauren Shack, Perio. Contact: Dr. Shack at

  5. Its a Smile World, Dr. Mirza, Pedes, Contact: Dr. Benita De Mirza at (617) 960-6803 with a call or text!

  6. Family Dentist of Palm Beach, Multi. Contact: Gina Acosta at

  7. Dr. Jason Hirsch, Pedes. Contact: Dr. Hirsch at

  8. Dr. Marianna Kaufman, Multi. Contact: Dr. Kaufman via text at (561) 302-7545

  9. Dr. Steven Bussell, General. Contact: Loriel (561) 422-1020

  10. Dr. Michael Harris, Surgery. Contact: Please call the office at (561) 204-3242 and ask for Lynda.

  11. Dr. Anis Elkhechen Groves Dental Care, Multi. Contact: Office Manager Amy at and follow up with a phone call, (561) 3289050​

  12. House of Smiles, Gen. Contact: Dr. Jenan Shraiteh at 561-753-6633 or

  13. Taylor & Murray Orthodontics, Contact: Dr. Jonathan Murray at

Port St. Lucie

  1. ION Orthodontics, Contact: or (772) 777-8283

  2. Vakani Orthodontics, Contact: Lorinda at (772) 287-8415 or

  3. Ricard Family Dentistry, Contact: Maria at

  4. SAH Dentistry, Contact: Jami at

  5. Gentle Breeze Dental, Multi. Contact: Dr. Diep at (772) 335-0993

  6. Polo Dental/Happy Smiles Dental. Contact: Bryan at

Boca Raton

  1. Few Hours Left to Complete? Dr. Fatmi in Boynton & Boca may be able to help! Contact: Laura at (561) 613-9708

  2. Dr. Thomas Copulos, (561) 338-7115 or

  3. Dr. Leichter, Multi. Contact: Cyndy at (561) 391-1800

  4. Town Center Dentistry, Dr. Pamela Brandao. Please email:
    or call 561-221-6628
    text 561-674-6639

  5. Dr. Leonard Jacobs, Perio & General. Contact: Marie at (561) 362-8308

  6. Dr. Steven Feit. Prostho. Contact: Dr. Feit at (561) 350-0335

  7. Schwartz Dentistry, Multi. Contact: Dr. Schwarts at

  8. Dental Designs, General. Dr. Cortes. Contact: Dr. Cortes at - SPANISH REQ. 

  9. Dr. Geoffery Morris, Multi. Contact: with a resume and photo.

  10. Boca Family Dental, Dr. Ramos, General. Thursdays only. Contact: Sheryl at

  11. Nicolas Orthodontics, Contact: Jennifer at

  12. Dr. Barry Matza, Ortho. Contact: Michele at

  13. Dr. Gary Wayne, Surgery. Contact: Laura at (561) 443-7001

  14. Dr. Craig Lutsman, Pediatrics. Contact: Dr. Craig at

  15. Bright Horizons Dental, Dr. Martone, Multi. Contact: Dr. Martone at

  16. Aqua Dental Loft, Dr. Jamily Pedro.  General. Contact: Carla by text message (561) 394-2592

  17. DentalMed Associates, Dr. Juan Arroyo. Contact: Lizette at 954 505-7631 

  18. Dr. Dougles Rolfe, Contact: Dr. Rolfe at

  19. Dr. Saadia Mohammed, Palm Beach Pediatrics. Contact: Carolina Barros with resume at

  20. Junior Smiles & Lake Worth Pede Dentistry. Dr. Drew Popper Contact: Tamera with a text at (561) 7584634

  21. Dr. Danny Ly, General. Contact: Dr. Ly at DENTALOFFICEBOCARATON@GMAIL.COM

  22. Advanced Prosthodontics of Boca, Dr. Melad Ghalloub. Contact:

  23. White Smiles of Boca, Endo, Ortho & Gen. Dr. Kerri White, Contact: Students can ask for Janice at 561-395-4948 or email

  24. Boca Raton Dental Care, Dr. Manreet Singh. Contact: Dr. Singh at

  25. General in Boca Raton - Dr. Timothy Viner at Viner Dental - Contact: Claudia call 561-367-9922​

  26. Dr. Gary Wayne, Surgery. Contact Laura 561-443-7001 

  27. General at Harris Dentistry with Dr. Scoot Harris Contact: Debi S. 561-241-7272 AND send resume to

  28. Dr. Rafael Morales, Smiles of Boca. Gen. Contact: Luisa Morales via text message (561) 392-3970

  29. International Center for Advanced Dentistry, Multi. Dr. Maria Magalhaes. Contact: Carol Smith with phone call or email. 561-922-0052 or

  30. Dr. Alberto Lamberti, Prostho. Contact: by phone and ask to speak with the office Manager Vanessa at 561-338-7535

Boynton Beach

  1. Few Hours Left to Complete? Dr. Fatmi in Boynton & Boca may be able to help! Contact: Laura at (561) 613-9708

  2. HAB Dental, General. Contact: Dr. Rosemary Bagdhassiarian

  3. Florida Center for Oral Surgery. Dr. Smith. Contact: Yvonne at (954) 838-0621

  4. Florida Dental & Denture Center. Dr. Deckler. Contact: Miss Judy at (305) 661-3819​

  5. Dr. Jorge Torrejon, General. Contact: Dr. Torrejon by text message (561) 706-1649

  6. Miller Pediatrics & Orthodontics. Contact: Dr. Mitchell Miller (561) 336-6560

  7. Dr. Aldorri, General. Contact: Dr. Khalid Aldorri  (561) 244-5001

  8. Dr. Khoshrou, General. Contact: Donald Chinaglia at (561) 810-5674

  9. Dr. Darling, Ortho, Contact: calling Janis' cell 561-389-6445

  10. Nicolas Orthodontics, Contact: Jennifer at

  11. Sky Dental, General. Dr. Maria Gonzalez. Contact: Ana Gonzalez at (561) 797-5253 Text (Spanish Required)

  12. Dr. Elliot Zank, General. Contact: Dr. Zank (561) 289-8845

  13. Dr. Karla Soto, Multi. Contact: Dr. Soto at

  14. Dr. Gabriel Shvets, Boynton One Dental. Endo & Gen. Contact: Dr. Shvets by text (347) 224-5301

  15. Dental Arts of Boynton Beach, Dr. Cerullo. Contact: Laura Cerullo at 

  16. South Palm Dental, General. Contact:

  17. Premier Dental Care, Dr. David Green. Multi. Contact: Maria at

  18. Dr. Robert Simon at Advanced Dental Care. Contact: Cathie the office at 561-734-0700 to schedule an interview​

  19. Dentures Today, Dr. Camile Dixon. Surgery, Prostho. Contact: Natalie at (561) 806-8893 with a text


  1. Little Stars, Pedes & Ortho. Dr. Mutawalli. Text Dr @ (202) 560-3320

  2. SoFi Dental Care & Ortho, multi-specialty, Dr. Simon Amini. Email or call Dr. Amini at or (305) 4913625

  3. Doral Park Dental Center, Multi. Contact: Lissette at

  4. Grove Smiles Dentistry, Coconut Groves with Dr. Parr. Contact: Maggie Parr (305) 775-5776

  5. Miami Beach Orthodontics, Contact: Dr. Evan Rubensteen

  6. Dr. Aida Lopez, Multi. Contact: Dr. Lopez at

  7. Dr. Kenia Cuevas, Multi. Spanish Required. Contact: Dr. Cuevas at (305) 343-0805

  8. Arnold Pediatric Dentistry. Dr. Patrick Arnold. Contact:

  9. Dr. Tamara Martinez at MYDDS, Multi. Spanish Req. Contact: Juan at (786) 558-7235

  10. Dental Implants Miami Beach, Dr. Abrahams , Prostho. Contact: Silvia at 3055324419

  11. Dr. Edy Guerra, General. Contact: Mercy at

  12. Gallardo Periodontics & Implant Dentistry, Dr. John Gallardo. Contact: Adriana at

  13. Dr. Oscar Gomez. Contact: Nevai (305) 663-2555 - Spanish Req. 

  14. Dental center of Kendall, Dr. Delima. Contact: Rosallyn Seupersad at

  15. Dr. Jonathan Bloch, General. Contact: Yoelis Quintana at (305) 385-5555

  16. Dr. Manuel Jimenez, General. Contact: Dr. Jimenez at

  17. Miami Lakes Dental Associates, Dr. Federico Maeso. Contact: Miriam Rodriguez 305-984-9825

  18. Smiley Kidz Dental Care in Wilton Manors, call Tonya 954-564-5540

  19. Orthodontics of South Miami, Dr. Greg Ross. Contact:
    Please send your resume

Pompano & Deerfield Beach

  1. General, LovinSmiles Dental Group. Contact: Tara,

  2. General, Dr. Cynthia Brown. Contact: Dr. Brown at

  3. Deerfield Dental, Dr. Robert Aron., Multi.  Contact: Nadia Chávez valdivia with a text message to (954) 428-4575

  4. Dr. Marilyn Riley, General. Must speak Spanish or Creole. Contact: Charmaine at

Belle Glade

  1. Dr. Ed Cronauer, Ortho. Cell: (954) 336-6585

  2. 863-983-5121 clewiston office


  1. Dr. Ed Cronauer, Ortho. (863) 983-5121 Clewiston Office. Cell: (954) 336-6585

  2. Florida Community Health Center, Call: (863) 983-7813 ext: 1422

  3. Captivating Dental Care, Dr. Kevin Van. General. Contact: Miss Kennedy 

  4. Clewiston Dental,, Contact: Diana Luna at 863-983-5600 or 

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