Always for Extern! *If you have a questions talk with Miss Kennedy!

They are organized by location! Be sure to ask them for their addresses! 

Sage Dental Always:

For Extern  Please Contact Melissa (Director of Operations)  by call or text (386) 402-0975 . She would love to help you get an extern and if she has space hire you as well! Extern days are M-F. Texting is prefered. Serving many areas: Jensen Beach, Wellington, Stuart, Port St. Lucie, Boynton, Boca...etc

West Palm Beach

  1. Premier Dental Care Center, West Palm Beach. Contact: (561) 820-8898​

  2. Polo Dental, Palm Beach, Contact: Dr. Marianna Zadov with resume

  3. West Palm Beach Family Dentistry, Contact: Kyza at (561) 642-8501 or (561) 683-0903

  4.  Dr. Boner, Endo. Contact: Debbie at

  5. Implant Dentisty of South Florida, Dr. Roberts, General. Contact: Toni (561) 585-2006

  6. Dr. Jackie Johns, Endo & General. Contact: Dr. Johns at

  7. Dr. Krasnov, Cross Country Dental. Contact: Veronica at (954) 696-7395

  8. Dr. Brad Santelli, Ortho. Contact: David (239) 580-7951

  9. Palm Beach Orthodontics, Dr. Carrol Ann Fenn. Contact: Dr. Fenn via phone call (561) 686-3335

  10. Florida Dental & Denture Center. General. Contact: Miss Judy at (305) 661-3819​

  11. AC Pedes & Ortho, Dr. Ania Cabrerizo. Contact: Leonel Ravelo at

  12. AP Dental Arts, General. Contact: Dr. Valeriy Tsar

  13. Bellagio Dental Implant Center, Dr. Rose Farrah. Contact: Dr. Farrah via text (561) 335-0659

  14. Riverbridge Dentsitry, General Dr. Sara Habashi. Contact: Emily at

  15. Dr. Richard Ricci, General. Contact: Judy at or  (561) 848-3462

Vero Beach

  1. Orthodontic Specialist of Florida, Vero Beach. Contact Diane at (772) 562-2439

  2. Vakani Orthodontics, Contact: Lorinda at (772) 287-8415 or

  3. Ferres Dentistry, Dr. Doris Ferres. General Contact: Stacey at 772-567-1011

  4. Sebastian Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Erika King. Contact: Natalie Burnside at


  1. Dr. Jason Wetmore, Ocean Breeze Dental. Contact: Katie at (321) 433-1141

  2. Dr. Tom Galinis, Palm City. Contact: Send resume to 

  3. Banana River Dental, General. Contact: (321) 777-6453


  1. Stuart Prosthodontics Dentistry, Contact: Dr. Tyler at

  2. Vakani Orthodontics, Contact: Lorinda at (772) 287-8415 or

  3. Star Dental of Stuart, General. Contact: Paul at (772) 219-7775

  4. Childrens Dentistry of Stuart, Contact: Dr. Nancy Torres at

  5. Dr. Horan, Multi. Contact: Brooke at (772) 781-0744

  6. Dr. Ira Freedman, Perio. Dent-All of Palm City Contact: Kimberly at

  7. Dent-ALL of Palm City, Dr. Pearlman. Contact: Kimberly at

  8. McClane Dentistry, Multi. Contact: Dr. Vincent McClane at

  9. Fresh Family Dental, General. Contact: Kara at

  10. Dr. Debra Eddington, General. Dr. Eddington at Contact:

  11. Dr. Brent Maxson, General. Contact Penny Maxson 772.215.8582

  12. Dr. Vincent McClane, General. Contact: Maria at 772-285-4718 with a text message

  13. Light of the World Charities, Little Lights Dentistry, Dr. Macdalie St-Preux Contact: Lori Sang email


  1. Parkland Orthodontact, Dr. Tania Saint Amand, Contact: Karen at or  754-529-8995 

    1. Requirements fo Externship:
      -Willingness to learn
      -Charting of patient information
      -Great communication skills and chair side manners with patients
      -Enjoys a fast-paced patient environment

  2. Marrecau Orthodontics, Dr. Tomas Marrecau, (954) 752-3509, or send resume to

  3. NN Dentistry, Dr. Nadine Nicolas. General. Contact: Dr Nicolas by email at  and/or on her cell (561)789-8844.

Lake Worth

  1. C-Bar Dentistry, They LOVE Externs! Lake Worth. Contact: Celeste at (561) 318-8762

  2. Dr. Dennis Hernandez, Lake Worth. Contact: Lorraine at

  3. Elite Dental, Contact: Lourdes (561) 432-1718

  4. Greenacreas Dental Service, Dr Fiffe. Contact: Dr. Fiffe at

  5. Prestige Dental Care, General. Contact: Dr.Sotolongo"

  6. Dr. Armando Rodriguez, General. contact: Lisa at (561) 642-4900

  7. Mil Lake Dental Center, Multi. Dr. Robert Victome. Contact: Junie at

  8. KidzVil Pediatrics, Dr. Irwine Sainvil. Contact: Dr. Sainvil at

  9. Junior Smiles & Lake Worth Pede Dentistry. Dr. Drew Popper Contact: Tamera with a text at (561) 7584634

  10. Parsons Orthodontics, Contact: Carmen at 561-429-5414 or email:

  11. Dr. Alan Kelman, Multi. Contact: Dr. Kelman with a brief note of intro & objectives, photo.

  12. Dr. Taryn Steyn at Mission Lakes Dental Care. Contact: Dr. Steyn 561-963-7950


  1. Children's Dental Care of Delray. Contact: Call Merri Wymann with text message (954) 478-527​

  2. Signature Dental Group, Dr. Joel Baez. Multi-Specialty . Email Resume to

  3. OMSA Center, Surgery. Dr. Perez-Garcia. Contact: (561) 278-0004

  4. Flora Dental, General. Dr. Flora Bentsi-Enchill. Contact: (561) 266-4499 Text Message

  5. Dr. Kathryn Boehly, General. Contact: Nino at

  6. Dr. Roberto Ramirez, General. Contact: Dr. Ramirez at

  7. Pedes, Dr. Maria Castaneda. Contact: Rossana Phone call (561) 499-1788

  8. Laser & Cosmetic Dentistry, Veronica Silva Contact: at 561-499-6664 with a phone call

  9. Dr. Mark Herman, Endo, Perio & Gen. Contact: DAAPB Alumni Nicole at (561) 4980015

  10. Dr. Richard Staller, Advanced Dentistry South Florida, Contact Kelli Carter email

Juno Beach

  1. Dr. Mark Kuhl (Endo, Ortho, Pedes). Call or Text Pam Kuhl at 561-758-7901 or email at

Fort Pierce

1. Vakani Orthodontics, Contact: Lorinda at (772) 287-8415 or

  1. Hands of St Luice, Surgery, Protho & General. Contact: Stephanie at

  2. Lawn Wood Dental, Contact: (772) 595-1888

  3. Dr. John Schwerer, Multi. Contact: Dr. Schwerer at (772) 216-3390 by Text

  4. Ricard Family Dentistry, Contact: Maria at

Oakland Park

  1. Dr. Marilyn Riley, General. Must speak Spanish or Creole. Contact: Charmaine at

East Cost Offices

  1. Listing to come!

Palm Beach Gardens

  1. A & B Family Dentistry, Palm Beach Gardens with Dr. Anna Gombar. Contact: Alison Crawford at (561) 694-8380 or

  2. Aspen Dental in Palm Beach Gardens. Contact: Yari at or (561) 7769984​​

  3. Implantology of the Palm Beaches, Palm Beach Gardens. Contact: Susan (561) 691-6061​

  4. Gardens Dental Care, Dr. Yates, Contact: Deana at 561-776-6177 or

  5. Childrens Dentistry, Contact: Vickie at or (561) 768-3791

  6. Everlasting Smiles, Contact: Dr. Ma at or (561) 662-8013

  7. Dr. Andres Vargas, General. Call Debbie at 561-775-0373

  8. Seaglass Dental Care, General. Contact Dr. Schmidt at (561) 581-5001

  9. Habashy Dental, multi, Contact: Dr. Habashy at

  10. Dr. Andrew Rudnick, multi. Contact: Cyndi at (561) 625-1991 or email - MUST BE RELIABLE 

  11. Endodontic Specialist of Florida, Dr. Laukhuf. Contact: Alaina at 561-627-9166

  12. Advanced Dental Care, General. Dr. Rosenberg. Contact: Shanna at

  13. Childrens Dentistry of the Palm Beaches, Contact: Vickie at

  14. Dr. Ann Cipriani, General. Contact: Dr. Cipriani at (561) 202-4453

  15. Dr. Gary Laukhuf, Endo & Prosto. Contact: Ask for Alaina 561-758-4069​

  16. Dr. Jack Rosenberg, General. Contact Shanna  561-627-2122

  17. Acosta Dental Arts, General. Contact Adriana Acosta Text 561-254-0507

  18. Dr. Gary Kijanka, General. Contact: Dr. Kijanka at 561-776-3116.


  1. Riverbend Dental in Jupiter, Contact: Shannon at

  2. Dale Pediatric Dentistry, Jupiter, Contact:

  3. Little Royals Dentistry, Contact: (561) 510-1450

  4. South FL Oral Surgery, Contact: Katrina at

  5. Dr. Gloria Barredo, (Ortho, Surgery, Perio & Gen.) Contact: Heather at

  6. PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY OF JUPITER, Contact: Holly at or (561) 747-3338

  7. Main street Children's Dentistry & Orthodontics. Dr. Michaud & Dr. Marrecau. Contact: Crystal at or (561) 745-2881

  8. Aspen Dental Jupiter, Dr. Tran. Contact: Lizzy at

  9. Attune Dentistry Dr. Andrea Diaz, General. Contact: Zuleima at

  10. Dr. Scott Rosenberg, General . Contact: Debra at

  11. Dr. Sharada Kacham, Smiles General & Cosmetic Dentistry. Contact: Dr. Kacham (561) 844-0715

  12. Modern Dental Smiles, Dr. Kurt Bally. Contact: Rachel at

  13. Harbor Breeze Dental Care, General. Contact: Nicole

  14. Riverwalk Dental Group, Dr. Payal Chokshi. Contact: (772) 2476750 text message to Dr. Chokshi

  15. Dr. Daniel L. Pichler, Multi/General, Contact: Clara Pichler

  16. Pediatric Dentistry of Jupiter, Dr. Alyssa Benitez, Pediatric. Contact: Alicia

  17. Dental Healing Arts, Multi, Dr. Fotek. Contact: Dr. Fotek at 551-779-7058 or

  18. Family Orthodontic in Jupiter, Contact Sylvia 561-744-5456

  19. Dr. Daniel Pichler, Multi. Contact: Clara Pichler at or 772-486-3898

  20. SEDA Dental, Mulit. Contact: OM Alexis at 954-940-1169

Pembroke Pines & Hollywood

  1. Dr. Allen, 9548857100 or

  2. Dr. Villa, Surgery, Prostho, Gen. Contact: Martha (754) 234-6300

  3. Dr. Herdocia, Ortho & General. Contact: Jeffrey Soto by calling or texting (312) 964-2585

  4. Rothfield Dental Associates. Contact: Dr. Elizabeth Rothfield (954) 989-8800

  5. Dr. Milton Ruiz, Pines Dental, Ortho, Surg, & Gen. Spanish Required. Contact: Mildred (954) 4326133

  6. Weston Endodontic Care, Dr. Mark Limosani Contact: Dr. Limosani by text message (954) 675-8772

  7. DentalMed Associates, Dr. Juan Arroyo. Contact: Lizette at

  8. Sheridan Dental Center, Dr. Pablo Leon. Contact: Angela via text (954) 682-1788

  9. The Dental Care Group, Contact: 704-254-7080

  10. Gentle Teeth & Braces, Pedes & Ortho. Contact: Sydnee at

Ft. Lauderdale

  1. Broward Center for Laser Periodontics and Implants, Contact: Angie or Carmen at (954) 916-7664

  2. Guilco Family Dentistry, Contact: Dr, Guilarte at (954) 771-7007

  3. Journey Kids Dental, Ortho & Pedes. Contact: Wilma Correa with resume

  4. Las Olas Dental Center, General. Dr. Michele Dallas at (954) 525-5055

  5. Dr. Michael Barnard, General. Contact: Freyda at (954) 763-3358

  6. Dentistry by the Sea, General. Contact: Dr. Carmen Maco at

  7. Dr. Brent Bracco, Multi. Contact: Albia Orta at or (954) 771-53500

  8. Dr. Arveen Andalib, Aesthetic Dentistry of Plantation. Contact: Taralynn at

  9. Dr. Miller & Dr. Korn, Perio. Contact: Alex Casson via phone call (954) 791-7530

  10. Dr. Abir Massri, ConfidentSmiles. Gen. Contact: Dr. Massri at 954-530-5674

  11. Sage Dental Davie, Dr. Dustin Haller. Contact: with resume or call  9544342700​

  12. Sonrie Dental Care, General. Contact:     Sandra Gómez-trainor at

  13. Bright Young Smiles, Pedes, Ortho, Gen. Contact: Jessica Carver email your resume to

  14. Dr. Richard Leiderman, Perio. Contact: Carmela (954) 797-6866

  15. Dentistry by the Sea, Dr. Carmen Maco. Contact: Dr. Maco with a text to (305) 775-5014

Coral Springs

  1. Marrecau Orthodontics, Dr. Tomas Marrecau, (954) 752-3509, or send resume to

  2. Main street Coral Springs, Ortho & Pedes. Dr. Roberti. Contact: Jen at (305) 323-6878

  3. Designer Smiles, Dr.  Dalal, Surgery & Perio. Contact: Kinnari Dalal at (954) 341-1000

  4. Dr. Craig Lutsman, Pediatrics. Contact: Dr. Craig at

  5. Sawgrass Dental Arts, Multi. Contact: Rita at 954-757-6644

  6. Dr. Dulay, Ortho, Gen, & Surg. Contact: Marisol 954-722-9020

  7. Singer Orthodontics, Dr. Jay Singer. Contact: Julianna at

  8. Dr. William Forero, Multi. Contact: Sandra Forero via text at (305) 321-5023

  9. Dr. Vicky, Pedes. Contact: Tiffani at (954) 255-2787

  10. Gentle Teeth & Braces, Pedes & Ortho. Contact: Sydnee at or 954-997-9779​

  11. Dr. Dalal, Designer Smiles FL, Perio

       Send Resume to hello@dsmilesfl 

  12. Dr. Tiffany Brady at LUV Pediatric Dentistry in       Sunrise, FL. Contact: Katiana​.

13. Dr. Joshua Coussa, Ideal Dental of Coral Springs. Perio & Prostho. Contact: Dr. Coussa at

All Dental Care, DR Nancy Menendez, Multi Email


  1. Dr. Tomer Haik, Contact: Beverly at

  2. Master Dental, Endo, Contact: Marci

  3. Dr. Patel, multi-specialty. Contact: Jennie at

  4. Dr. Lauren Shack, Perio. Contact: Dr. Shack at

  5. Dr. Mirza, Pedes, Contact: Maria at

  6. Family Dentist of Palm Beach, Multi. Contact: Gina Acosta at

  7. Dr. Jason Hirsch, Pedes. Contact: Dr. Hirsch at

  8. Dr. Marianna Kaufman, Multi. Contact: Dr. Kaufman via text at (561) 302-7545

  9. Dr. Steven Bussell, General. Contact: Loriel (561) 422-1020

  10. Dr. Michael Harris, Surgery. Contact: Please call the office at (561) 204-3242 and ask for Lynda.

  11. Dr. Anis Elkhechen Groves Dental Care, Multi. Contact: Office Manager Amy at and follow up with a phone call, (561) 3289050​

Port St. Lucie

  1. ION Orthodontics, Contact: or (772) 777-8283

  2. Vakani Orthodontics, Contact: Lorinda at (772) 287-8415 or

  3. Ricard Family Dentistry, Contact: Maria at

  4. SAH Dentistry, Contact: Jami at

  5. Gentle Breeze Dental, Multi. Contact: Dr. Diep at (772) 335-0993

Boca Raton

  1. Few Hours Left to Complete? Dr. Fatmi in Boynton & Boca may be able to help! Contact: Laura at (561) 613-9708

  2. Dr. Thomas Copulos, (561) 338-7115 or

  3. Dr. Leichter, Multi. Contact: Cyndy at (561) 391-1800

  4. Town Center Dentistry, Dr. Pamela Brandao. Please email:
    or call 561-221-6628
    text 561-674-6639

  5. Dr. Leonard Jacobs, Perio & General. Contact: Marie at (561) 362-8308

  6. Dr. Steven Feit. Prostho. Contact: Dr. Feit at (561) 350-0335

  7. Schwartz Dentistry, Multi. Contact: Dr. Schwarts at

  8. Dental Designs, General. Dr. Cortes. Contact: Dr. Cortes at - SPANISH REQ. 

  9. Dr. Geoffery Morris, Multi. Contact: with a resume and photo.

  10. Boca Family Dental, Dr. Ramos, General. Thursdays only. Contact: Sheryl at

  11. Nicolas Orthodontics, Contact: Jennifer at

  12. Dr. Barry Matza, Ortho. Contact: Michele at

  13. Dr. Gary Wayne, Surgery. Contact: Laura at (561) 443-7001

  14. Dr. Craig Lutsman, Pediatrics. Contact: Dr. Craig at

  15. Bright Horizons Dental, Dr. Martone, Multi. Contact: Dr. Martone at

  16. Aqua Dental Loft, Dr. Jamily Pedro.  General. Contact: Carla by text message (561) 394-2592

  17. DentalMed Associates, Dr. Juan Arroyo. Contact: Lizette at 954 505-7631 

  18. Dr. Dougles Rolfe, Contact: Dr. Rolfe at

  19. Dr. Saadia Mohammed, Palm Beach Pediatrics. Contact: Carolina Barros with resume at

  20. Junior Smiles & Lake Worth Pede Dentistry. Dr. Drew Popper Contact: Tamera with a text at (561) 7584634

  21. Dr. Danny Ly, General. Contact: Dr. Ly at DENTALOFFICEBOCARATON@GMAIL.COM

  22. Advanced Prosthodontics of Boca, Dr. Melad Ghalloub. Contact:

  23. White Smiles of Boca, Endo, Ortho & Gen. Dr. Kerri White, Contact: Students can ask for Janice at 561-395-4948 or email

  24. Boca Raton Dental Care, Dr. Manreet Singh. Contact: Dr. Singh at

  25. General in Boca Raton - Dr. Timothy Viner at Viner Dental - Contact: Claudia call 561-367-9922​

  26. Dr. Gary Wayne, Surgery. Contact Laura 561-443-7001 

  27. General at Harris Dentistry with Dr. Scoot Harris Contact: Debi S. 561-241-7272 AND send resume to

Boynton Beach

  1. Few Hours Left to Complete? Dr. Fatmi in Boynton & Boca may be able to help! Contact: Laura at (561) 613-9708

  2. HAB Dental, General. Contact: Dr. Rosemary Bagdhassiarian

  3. Florida Center for Oral Surgery. Dr. Smith. Contact: Yvonne at (954) 838-0621

  4. Florida Dental & Denture Center. Dr. Deckler. Contact: Miss Judy at (305) 661-3819​

  5. Dr. Jorge Torrejon, General. Contact: Dr. Torrejon by text message (561) 706-1649

  6. Miller Pediatrics & Orthodontics. Contact: Dr. Mitchell Miller (561) 336-6560

  7. Dr. Aldorri, General. Contact: Dr. Khalid Aldorri  (561) 244-5001

  8. Dr. Khoshrou, General. Contact: Donald Chinaglia at (561) 810-5674

  9. Dr. Darling, Ortho, Contact: calling Janis' cell 561-389-6445

  10. Nicolas Orthodontics, Contact: Jennifer at

  11. Sky Dental, General. Dr. Maria Gonzalez. Contact: Ana Gonzalez at (561) 797-5253 Text (Spanish Required)

  12. Dr. Elliot Zank, General. Contact: Dr. Zank (561) 289-8845

  13. Dr. Karla Soto, Multi. Contact: Dr. Soto at

  14. Dr. Rafael Morales, Smiles of Boca. Endo & Gen. Contact: Luisa Morales via text message (561) 4796725

  15. Dr. Gabriel Shvets, Boynton One Dental. Endo & Gen. Contact: Dr. Shvets by text (347) 224-5301

  16. Dental Arts of Boynton Beach, Dr. Cerullo. Contact: Laura Cerullo at 

  17. South Palm Dental, General. Contact:

  18. Premier Dental Care, Dr. David Green. Multi. Contact: Maria at

  19. Dr. Robert Simon at Advanced Dental Care. Contact: Cathie the office at 561-734-0700 to schedule an interview​


  1. Little Stars, Pedes & Ortho. Dr. Mutawalli. Text Dr @ (202) 560-3320

  2. SoFi Dental Care & Ortho, multi-specialty, Dr. Simon Amini. Email or call Dr. Amini at or (305) 4913625

  3. Doral Park Dental Center, Multi. Contact: Lissette at

  4. Grove Smiles Dentistry, Coconut Groves with Dr. Parr. Contact: Maggie Parr (305) 775-5776

  5. Miami Beach Orthodontics, Contact: Dr. Evan Rubensteen

  6. Dr. Aida Lopez, Multi. Contact: Dr. Lopez at

  7. Dr. Kenia Cuevas, Multi. Spanish Required. Contact: Dr. Cuevas at (305) 343-0805

  8. Arnold Pediatric Dentistry. Dr. Patrick Arnold. Contact:

  9. Dr. Tamara Martinez at MYDDS, Multi. Spanish Req. Contact: Juan at (786) 558-7235

  10. Dental Implants Miami Beach, Dr. Abrahams , Prostho. Contact: Silvia at 3055324419

  11. Dr. Edy Guerra, General. Contact: Mercy at

  12. Gallardo Periodontics & Implant Dentistry, Dr. John Gallardo. Contact: Adriana at

  13. Dr. Oscar Gomez. Contact: Nevai (305) 663-2555 - Spanish Req. 

  14. Dental center of Kendall, Dr. Delima. Contact: Rosallyn Seupersad at

  15. Dr. Jonathan Bloch, General. Contact: Yoelis Quintana at (305) 385-5555

  16. Dr. Manuel Jimenez, General. Contact: Dr. Jimenez at

  17. Miami Lakes Dental Associates, Dr. Federico Maeso. Contact: Miriam Rodriguez 305-984-9825

  18. Smiley Kidz Dental Care in Wilton Manors, call Tonya 954-564-5540

Pompano Beach

  1. General, LovinSmiles Dental Group. Contact: Tara,

  2. General, Dr. Cynthia Brown. Contact: Dr. Brown at

Belle Glade

  1. Dr. Ed Cronauer, Ortho. Cell: (954) 336-6585

  2. 863-983-5121 clewiston office


  1. Dr. Ed Cronauer, Ortho. (863) 983-5121 Clewiston Office. Cell: (954) 336-6585

  2. Florida Community Health Center, Call: (863) 983-7813 ext: 1422

  3. Captivating Dental Care, Dr. Kevin Van. General. Contact: Miss Kennedy