6-Month Online Expanded Functions Dental Assisting Education Program

A 6 -Month at home online study course to take a jump-start on your path to becoming an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant! Classes begin each month, with no waitlist! Become a student now!


Study at your own pace, at your own time, and anywhere you want! Take your education with you with an interactive online book & powerpoints!

Utilize a Dental Lab Kit to elevate the 

at-home studying and prepare for 3 different CDA Exams with our online practice modules! 

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Each online student will receive all learning materials

in one easy access site!

No additional fees required! 

  • Online Study Modules

  • Interactive Patient Charts & Dental Offices

  • E-Book or Hard Textbook

  • Free Interactive Online Book

  • Study Guides & Powerpoints

  • 3 Different CDA Practice Exams

  • Hands-on Dental Lab Kit

  • Select your Tier of Education Experience

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Why online course vs.


  • Out-of State Studying

  • Unable to travel

  • Completion in 6-month or shorter

  • Alternative Method of Learning

  • Free Interactive Book

  • Affordable Education

  • No Entrance Exams Required 

  • No High School Diploma or GRE Required

Benefits of a Online Education in

Dental Assisting:

  • Utilize online modules to practice the skills of a dental assistant

  • Syllabus guided studying

  • Enhance your Dental Hygiene Applications 

  • Prepare for the CDA Exam 

  • Course Begins Each Month

  • Free Interactive Book

  • Never a waitlist!

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  1. Online Access

  2. E-Book or Hard Textbook

  3. Free Interactive Online Book & Powerpoints

  4. Instructor Monitoring 

  5. Awarding Certification:

    1. ​Education Diploma

Online Tier Option One:

Cost: $590